Update cached Song when a tag Is changed

Hi, I start using this app 4/5 weeks ago and I loved It. However I have a little issue: when I change/update the tag of a song, the cached one doesn’t change, even if I click sync. I also found that if I delete the song from the cache and then I sync, everything works well. Do you think it Is possible to that automatically?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.

This is not really possible but this should not matter as the tags are used from the provider and not the cached file so are up to date.

What is the real issue?

It’s not a big problem, but for example if I change the genre of a song or the lyrics, the cached version on my phone doesn’t change automatically, even if I sync. It’s not a real problem, because changing tags Is something that I do rarely and deleting the cached song and than resync works. Thanks for your reply👍

For lyrics yes local file can be used, but for genre no it’s the server data that is displayed.

Where do you see the wrong genre ?

Hi, after working a bit on my media provider (Jellyfin) i fixed all the issues, thanks for the support, the problem was on server side.