Unable to Uninstall Symfonium

Issue description:

I am on a Nokia G42 5G with Android 14. I was having some issues with Symfonium (playback stopped, images disappeared), and the support FAQs recommended to follow the Don’t kill my app instructions, which I completed, butto no effect. I later tried to remove my media provider (subsonic) to try a fresh start with it, but Symfonium said tha there was no media provider (but some of my artists and albums were visible ??). I then thought of uninstalling the app all together and later reinstall.
To my surprise, Symfonium hasn’t (at least fully) uninstalled, in spite of me trying several ways:

  • from settings>apps
    -From Play Store
    -From app details screen.
    -once more with each of the above with the phone in safe mode.

Every time I tried the above methods, the phone crashed after 3-5mins after attempting uninstall.

I cannot upload any logs, since now I cannot access the app. But it is still showing in my apps list, the widget is still there,and the play store is showing it as installed.

I’ve checked the phone for malware (all negative), I’ve restarted it several times , but to no effect. Symfonium Icon & widget come back but does not uninstall.

I’d appreciate help, as I’ve ran out of options. Thanks.


Upload description: No logs for the reason explained in the description of the issue.

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

I think I’ve done this in the description, but in summary:

  1. Attempt to uninstall Symfonium via all the methods described in issue.
  2. If on the app settings/details page, it stays on indefinitely, instead of disappearing as it happens when uninstalling apps.
  3. Phone crashes 3-5 mins later.
  4. When phone restarts, Symfonium still shows, but does not allow access.

Media provider:




Apps have no control over install / uninstall so there’s not much I can help with here.

Only idea would be to uninstall via ADB https://www.makeuseof.com/uninstall-android-app-adb-system-apps-bloatware/ in case your phone have a broken play store.

Thanks. Will try and let you know