Unable to switch tabs

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I am unable to switch tabs using the buttons in the bottom row, which means that I am locked to the home view. I don’t know what broke it, it didn’t start happening immediately after the latest update.
The settings are accessible, but most of the submenus are inaccessible as well. Luckily the “Advanced” section containing logging options can be opened.
I have tried cleaning the app cache with no effect.


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Local device



There’s a problem with your licence or the APK you installed.

Be sure to install non modified APKs and have a valid license.

I have a valid license, I purchased it via the donation (non google play) method. I didn’t install any modified apks either.

Provide logs that contains a full start of the app. From where did you install if not Play Store. Does the app have internet access. Did you restore a backup?

Else reinstall the app.

I have installed it from google play store, but play store is usually frozen on my system. I also block the app from accessing the internet via afwall/iptables.
After enabling internet access and enabling google play store the app is functional again. You know, if an app I purchased legitimately breaks when I do this kind of stuff, maybe modified apks aren’t such a bad choice after all :confused:

You don’t need Google Play Store but you need to allow the app to access the license check server as the FAQ explains.

There’s no working modified APK for the moment anyway.