Unable to open path to a specific library

Just bought the app and I love it. I use jellyfin. I have multiple music libraries. I can access all of them except for one through the path/file option. The one I cant access is the one I listen to the most crying emoji. This library is very large and has over 100k songs in it and no subfolders. I suspect its size may be the problem. When I try to navigate to this folder it tries to load but then gives the “empty folder, verify your media provider content” error. Is the folder too large?? I can access the music in this folder by other means like searching for it or I even made a playlist with “path contains NAME_OF_FOLDER” and it made a huge playlist with all the music in this large folder. I just cant access it through the folder/file option which would be ideal. Hopefully someone can help!

debug-20230404_165552.zip (830 Bytes)

The log is empty and the template is missing :wink:

With that said this is normal, file mode get all the files from the folder and Jellyfin is unable to serve the 100K songs in a timely manner and in all case it would probably OOM.

You can achieve the exact same thing by just going to the song page and filter the libraries to only have that library

The file mode does not bring anything.