Unable to long press songs

Issue description:

This recording shows song long presses being reset while attempting to use the drag and drop shortcuts. It seems worse when audio is playing, but still happens when paused.


debug-20230606_012827.zip (7.8 MB)


Note also, it looks like there’s a one pixel line of album art visible from the collapsed now playing view.

Nice another compose pointer issue :frowning:

In their next release they are supposed to embed a new internals that could address those kind of issue will send you a test APK to test when available.

For the pixel, I’ve seem that in some screenshots but can not reproduce anywhere. If you force kill the app then start a play is the space present?

Does the space only occurs when you swipe down the now playing panel when it’s expanded? Does it occurs when you use the back gesture?

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I tried swiping down and using the back arrow; both show the pixel. When I force kill the app, the now playing bar automatically returns with the last playing song shown. The pixel is visible there as well.

If I clear the queue and then play something, no pixel shows up. It returns if I open now playing and swipe down or use the back arrow.

Ok so same kind of wrong event send by Compose :frowning:

Will add logs too when I send you the test APK with the future compose version.