Unable to kill Android-App

Issue description:

Run the app, play a song, go to the taskmanager and kill the app there.
Expected: Playback stops because app got killed.
Behavior: Nothing changes, app continues to play.


debug-20230929_152601.zip (6,5 KB)

Addidional Information:

I’m running the latest version of LineageOS 20 and not OxygenOS

This is not kill this is task removal and this is normal as the default behavior for any normal audio player.

If you want you can enable the option pause on task removal as documented :wink:

Oh, that’s interesting. Both Tidal and Spotify are pausing, so I thought they would kill the app and this would be like on Linux (or windows) like kill PID.
Thanks for the fast response.

One quick question. Is this task removal really only “removing to see the running app in the overview”? If the sync seems stuck, I tried removing the task so that the sync can start once more.
But I recognized, that it didn’t restart. I could swear, that on other apps, all processes would stop and the app loads completely new. Or am I completely wrong with that? :thinking:

This close the running activities. It does not kill foreground services at all, and non foreground services will keep running until the OS decide it needs ressources.

Alright. Thanks for the explanation!