Unable to get webdav working

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am new to the app and for some reason not able to get webdav working. i am following the full url method and have tried various iterations below

https://hostname.com and in port details 5006


Upload description: elderbank

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Your https certificate is invalid, the wizard currently does not allow that.

I’ll enable that case in next release.

which cert? its working fine with my ios clients…

The cert of your server, and they probably just ignore the fact that it’s invalid :slight_smile:

gotcha… this is on synology nas… am guessing you dont know if there is a way to update the cert? what part of the cert is invalid do you know? am synology firmware is latest

ok checked on synology… its a default self signed cert. i guess i ll wait for the next version to allow to bypass that… do you know when the next version will be available?

Ok changed the cert and now its working