UI request: Adjust the swipe angle for next song / hide now playing

Feature description:

Not exactly a feature, but I’d like for the swipe angle to be adjusted when in the player view. When you swipe in a certain direction on the image of the currently playing song, it will either hide the playing track view, or it will skip to the next/previous song. It seems that the current angle is 45 degrees, but this seems a little much as I often accidentally end up skipping to the next song when trying to hide the playing view. I think it should be closer to ~30 degrees (i.e a larger angle for swiping down).

Problem solved:

Avoid accidentally skipping to the next or previous song when trying to hide the playing view.

Brought benefits:

It’s harder to mess up a horizontal swipe on large phones

Other application solutions:

I have checked how it works in some other players like spotify and it allows for a little more leeway when swiping down to hide the playing view. I think that’s a good indicator that it should be adjusted a little

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


I had the same issue, specially when using my phone with the left hand. I ended up using the back button of android instead of swiping down.

I’ll attach a drawing simulating the gestures I do:
Black: it’s the gesture I do when opening the queue, works most of the time
Red: that’s when I try to close the player, and I end up skipping the track instead
Green: this is when I try to skip a track and always works fine
Blue: same as green but with the previous track

I can tweak a little, but yes back gesture is the common way and even with my large hands the swipe down gesture is really hard to start as high as on the image.

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