UI Problems (Landscape Menu, Dark Mode Buttons)

Issue description:

Hello, I’m new user of Symfonium, I like it, but I found some problems with the UI.

  1. Menubar UI consistency between portrait and landscape:
    a. Workaround (Disabling Menubar)

  2. Add fade in and fade out for “Like, Cast, …” buttons when clicking album image without pausing (Landscape):

  3. Dark mode makes the control buttons invisible:


[Support] Symfonium logs - 20230810_203500.zip (2.6 KB)


In another post, new user can only upload one embedded item.

Additional information:

  • Android 13
  • Plex Server

When you figure out your image upload issue, please remember that logs are MANDATORY thanks.


  1. It’s normal and design choice due to landscape what is the issue?

  2. This is not possible currently there’s a few gesture / tap actions on the image.
    The buttons still works they are less visible (Be sure to not enable the increased transparency in settings)

  3. Please export your settings (and only your settings) and upload the file so I can reproduce with your exact settings. If possible also upload the song or the embedded cover in case this is an issue with the palette extraction.

Edit: For 3) Did you actually changed the dark mode when that song was playing?

Okay, here you’ll find an extended debug log, and the settings (password ‘set’)

  1. Is it possible to add a setting to “Hide menubar in Landscape” ?
    I’d like to have an immersive view in Landscape.

  2. Thank you for the clarification.

  3. To answer your question, yes I changed it when the song was playing.

But I think the problem is caused by a network failure, because I did a reset to the application data in Android, after that everything was working fine, until today I had some network problems and the controls become black in light mode (they don’t have the theme color of the image), changed to dark mode et Voilà, invisible buttons.

I also included a video recording.

Hope this helps.

symfonium-backup-20230811_151029.zip (6.1 KB)
debug-20230811_150626.zip (245.8 KB)

Hidden all uploads …

  1. You can already. Just remove all the icons from the tab bar in settings and only use shortcuts buttons from home (add those you need). There’s no plan to add an option to hide only in landscape sorry.
    Full screen is not here because of the compact player. It would either require to reserve a ton of space for nothing to always have space for it (and not enough space on a phone landscape), or the buttons would move and muscle memory would cause a ton of issues.

  2. The controls are not black, if you look closely they are just very dark colors extracted from the images and should have been refused internally, I mixed something up here.

Can you also upload the Arkam song? It should have extracted a dark red not a dark grey.

For the dark theme change there’s some cache working here and the colors are not extracted again when you switch while playing, so the very dark colors are kept. I’ll fix that one for sure.

I’m again out of home for a week so you won’t see progress or more questions about this soon :slight_smile:

  1. That’s exactly what I did, understood.
  2. Yeah sure.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.

01 - Arkham City Main Theme.zip (13.9 MB)

Ok so all the color issues are related to the internal cache not updated when toggling the dark mode.

Will be fixed in next release.