UI: Back button during multi select

Issue description:

Pressing the back button while doing multi select on songs navigates to the previous screen. The android behavior I would expect would be to cancel the multi select operation on the first back press and only nav back if back is pressed again.

Screen recording: uploaded to the new share site. Filename is a360a956-e512-436d-a4e2-cfafb8a89286.mp4. I’m not sure if I uploaded it correctly; please let me know if I need to try again.

You forget to add a description as required :wink: It’s getting harder and harder to get people to read those days, I guess people already started holidays festivity :wink:

Man, think about your users here. It takes a good amount of effort to send a good bug report - and you know I try to send quality reports.

No need to be passive aggressive about some missed details. You changed the report process and it’s not very smooth yet.

The new report UX is not good and would benefit from more constraints: eg disable forum uploads and replace the share site’s freeform textbox with a username field if that’s what you want.

Honestly though, please tell me if you don’t want me to submit bugs. I do this to help out. It would save me a lot of time to stop, and I find your passive aggressive replies stressful. If you don’t want me here, I’ll leave.

Last 6 users reports none of the users did fill the template I’m exhausted too, and I lose a lot more time as everything is multiplied by the number of users.

Maybe users should think about me too? :slight_smile: I’m doing this so that everyone gain times, instead of loosing time by repeating thousands of time the same basic things, and users having to do things multiple times. Time lost * number of users doing nothing useful is time not passed improving the app for you. At some point in app growth it’s actually 0 time passed improving the app and not even fixing the app.

You asked what you did wrong I tell you …

  • Do not forget to add your forum name in the description!

Everything is in the template and the doc I can’t do much more, I use the tools I have at disposal.

Now about you in particular as a reminder a very large part of your support is helping you fixing your broken custom server :wink: And yet AFAIK I never told you to go elsewhere?

My replies are simple and usually facts, if you want to read some magical non said things in them you are free too. But I’m direct, if I don’t want you here, there won’t be any doubt in the way I’ll write it …

This indicates a problem with the support template.

True. I massively appreciate that.

Ok. Thank you.

Of course :wink: It’s the template fault if users remove it, it’s the template fault if people do not take 10 second to read the rules of the forum they are registering to.

It’s always the fault of other people, my kid hit that other kid, it’s that other kid fault I don’t care what explanation you give, I got a bad grade? It’s the teacher fault he does not explain correctly, I don’t care all the others did get good grades, I’m not allowed to smoke here? That’s the sign fault, it’s not clear that it applies to me too …

Consider reading the book Design of Everyday Things and watching some talks about system design and psychology. Six of six people getting something wrong is clear support that the design isn’t working.

I’d walk you through a UX analysis of this flow, but I’m pretty sure you’d ignore it and make snide comments. If I’ve misjudged, let me know and I’ll do a detailed writeup of why this particular flow might not be working and offer some suggestions on how to improve it. An improved process would save you time triaging and reduce user confusion when submitting reports.

I want to reflect on the user engagement curve here. Someone who has signed up on your forum and is ready to dedicate their time to making a report has indicated that they’re in the most engaged segment of your users. They’re the people most likely to share your app via word of mouth; they’re also the most likely to support your endeavors in other ways. There are two notable things here. First, as a baseline, that’s a group you should try not to drive away. Second, it’s worth thinking about the path from app users to support case reporters. If that path has precipitous snags along the way, you’ll tend to get fewer reports and lose affected users - and you’ll never learn why, they’ll just churn silently.

Again I’m limited with the tools I have, I do not design or write support tools, I write Symfonium. I build rules and solutions around the tools I have Discourse. And what I was able to find for the upload Sharry as a new tool to simplify things. (And Sharry is 100% unrelated to users deleting the template and not filling it).

But no it’s not 6 over 6, this is a statistical anomaly. It’s 6 people over a lot and they happen at the same time, and not in the same section (support / feature request).
90% of the users are perfectly able to follow simple rules and where since now 2 years here. (And many many more for Yatse)

Without enforcement and blocking users in a forced form there will always be people that do not read what is in front of them.

So if you have a magical solution to have people read I’m all ears, but after 12 years of support, there’s none, some people will always skip what they can and complain.
You have no idea the number of bad ratings for Yatse because the app does not remote control their TV despite the app name and description all says in big that it’s not a remove for their TV.