Turntable Style Android 12+ Widget

Feature description:

Introduce turntable style widgets (circular widgets). Allow for different home-screen setups with alternate layouts and the android style widget will provide versatility for differing scenarios. This would be an additional optional frequently found in other android 12+ music players as the circular shape can better follow certain layouts.

Problem solved:

The current selection of widgets are useful, but not entirely ideal for every home-screen setup. The turntable layout will be appropriate for different setup styles and allow for more versatile integrations of the app.

Brought benefits:

Allow users to personalize their home-screen with beautiful modern android 12+ material you music widgets without installing any other 3rd-party applications.

Other application solutions:

YouTube Music, and Retro Music provide great examples of this.

Additional description and context:

I’m a graphic designer. As someone who has tried basically every single music player on the market in the last 10 years, Symfonium is one of the best ever in terms of design, optimization and usage. I have always donated and supported the best applications I can find, and this support platform is exactly what I’ve been hoping to find to help development.

Certainly appreciate the steady support, consistent frequent updates, and user-driven system behind this. Certainly, the addition of design features such as this request will allow me to convert some of my UX/UI colleagues to Symfonium. I have seen many different styles of android 12+ widgets, this is one of the relatively more fundamental and basic ones that can be implemented.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I’ll attach an example screenshot