True gapless MP3

Hi we talked on Reddit and you asked me to come here with some sample files.

It’s been a long time since I tried out many Android local music players on settled on GoneMad. If I remember right, the only ones that really nail gapless MP3 have their own music player engines. I know that might be a bridge too far for what you’re doing. But thanks for your interest.

Here’s a couple of files from an Underworld live release that would benefit without a hiccup between files (goes well with GoneMad or in Foobar):

Anyhow, not only is your new app the smoothest I’ve seen for browsing music from Jellyfin, it’s the only one I see with a working function to download files to someplace outside of app storage. So I’m actually able to take files from my server and play them with GoneMad, if I like. It would be handy to make this location customizable to something other than the internal storage Downloads folder if possible.


Thanks for the files will test and report what I find.

For the downloads there’s no plans to change location thanks to Google f…g SAF on Android 11+ :slight_smile: But next version will properly use folders like artist\album\song to organize the downloaded files.

And in the end if I can fix the gapless issue (Symfonik have a custom ffmpeg decoder embeded maybe it’s just forcing the engine to use it for mp3 too) then there’s no need to download to Downloads and you can just use offline caching.

ah yes i’m vaguely aware they recently made it harder for third party apps to access the SD card. Good job even having the option for your app’s cache.

Thanks again. I imagine your app already handles stuff like FLAC perfectly gapless. MP3s are a bit weird this way, I’ve read. And I got rid of any FLACs I had cuz I did some testing with good gear and my ears truly can’t tell a difference.

Thanks for your attention. How long is the trial good for btw? :slight_smile:

The trial is 7 days but there will be free codes on the forum before the end and I can reset the trial if needed.

Oh I’ll probably buy. Have only tinkered like 20 minutes so far though. Just wondering how long I have. Thanks.

Ok so I’ve just tested and with the file on local storage gapless works perfectly on the P6 pro.

Have you tested Symfonik with those files locally to see if you have the same issue ?

Is “file on local storage” any different from downloading to local cache from Jellyfin, then hitting play? I did that (a couple days ago) and still had the hiccup.

Am on a Samsung A71 with Android 11 for what it’s worth.

No it’s the same, so the issue is about your device media codec and this can be solved by having ffmpeg handle it.
I just need to find a way to have the mp3 part handling optional as it will consume a little more battery.

Oh, is this something I can sort out now in the Settings?

Will poke around soon, and pay up for your time :slight_smile: thanks

No you can’t for the moment but will send you a test APK.

Can you send me some random logs from Symfonik from the settings so I have you exact device info and generate the proper APK?

Like this, right? I’ll check back later. Thanks!

---- Technical details, please do not remove ----
Symfonik: 0.9.1-547 Android: 11 - 30 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: samsung - SM-A715W [a71cs - a71]

Yes perfect thanks. . . .

Has all of this functionality been added? No matter if using the internal or external decoder one can still hear a small stutter between gapless mp3 files. The samefiles are played much smoother in e.g. Poweramp or AIMP. I don’t know what they are doing differently but it sound much better. I also tried all kinds of Equalizer and Dynamic Processing settings which also all did not yield the desired effect of no stuttering. Maybe one can figure out what Poweramp and AIMP are doing differently (better) and integrate it into symfonium as its UI is miles ahead of the competition.

Yes since the begining and it works, open an issue with logs and details.