Trigger Subsonic library scan from Symfonium

Right now, when I add new music to my Navidrome server, I need to manually trigger a scan within Navidrome in order for Symfonium to pick up the new music. At first I was thinking this should be handled on the Navidrome side of things, but according to this post from the dev, the client can actually trigger a rescan. It would be a nice addition in Symfonium to have a toggle in the “Advanced” section in the “Manage media providers” view.

More info here: Subsonic

You can use the api and do the call yourself easily.

The problem with Subsonic is that on the dozen server I tested they all have variations on nearly everything.

That’s why also I’m forced to limit to api 1.13 to support Ampache for example, and half the servers don’t support that end point and I have no real way to know before so there would be a button, user clicks, it shows an error and that triggers unhappy users and support.

TL;DR sorry can’t add this, the side effects would be way higher than the benefits.

Leaving this here for anyone who may stumble upon this thread in the future. My download client allows me to run a command after competition. So in my download client, I set the following command to trigger a Navidrome server scan. Obviously replace with your credentials and Navidrome server. Thanks Tolriq for the suggestion.

curl -X GET 'http://NAVIDROME_SERVER/rest/startScan?u=NAVIDROME_USERNAME&p=NAVIDROME_PASSWORD&v=1.13.0&c=deemix'