Translate to chinese

Hello! Thanks for you app. I find this app today, and i saw there is translate task in weblate, I’m chinese , but there is no language for chinese, so I hope you can start chinese translate task in weblate and I may be help tanslating this app from english to chinese(although my english is not well :sweat_smile:).

And I start to build Music serve in my NAS by embym recently, so I find this app to use it in my android device. I will buy it in googleplay to support this program. Finally I hope this app can add detail info in music player to show Real-time bit rate.

There’s a start new translation at the bottom to create a new language, there’s quite a few different Chinese translations like classic or simplified so I did not pre create them all.

Thanks for that, I will try simplified.

花了两小时,中文翻译搞定了。 ::

Hope that it will take effects on next Symfonium version. ::

Thanks and yes translations are automatically updated for each releases.


Please only English here :slight_smile:

BTW If there’s unclear source words, please write comment on Weblate so I add screenshots or comment to better explain where they are used.

Sorry for that.
Translation: Thanks a lot, I didn’t familiarize with this app so some words which corresponding some button I don’t know the function is yesterday. and then I plan to finish translation today.I will go to check the work you done, and may be give some little advice about translation, anyway thanks for your translation again :+1:!