Transcoding on mobile data on Navidrome

Issue description:

I want to transcode my flacs only when using mobile data. Inside symfonium I have set the “Mobile maximum bitrate” option to 192kbps, and set the “Wifi maximum bitrate” to original. On navidrome I have a transcode format called opus which uses the ffmpeg command “ffmpeg -i %s -ss %t -map 0:a:0 -b:a %bk -v 0 -f opus -”. I have not assigned this to the symfonium client inside navidrome, as far as I understand this will force all streams to be transcoded.

When I stream on wifi I get my flacs with no problem. However when I stream on mobile data (I am using wireguard to access the server) I still get flacs. Interestingly, in this case the information below the artist name says “OGG/OPUS” as expected, but under the details menu it still says it’s streaming as flac.

Am I missing something obvious or what is going on here?


Upload description: radicalalpaca

Additional information:

Navidrome version 0.51.1

Media provider:

Subsonic (Navidrome)




You are transcoding as the now playing says.

Details menu show the details about the source media.

Fantastic. For clarity, if I force transcoding for all streams on navidrome, it will appear in the details menu as Ogg/Opus at 192kbps. This is what confused me. Perhaps there should be info on the transcoding status inside the details menu, and some confirmation that you’re only streaming at 192kbps

What’s shown is the info I have, I can’t know that you force things on server side, I can’t now if the server do what I told it to do, this is Subsonic and the joy of server differences.

If you enable the option ignore server side transcoding in your server settings then on most providers it will show the non transcoded in detail view.