Tracks stuttering randomly on playback

Issue description:

  • Whenever am playing a playlist, sometimes some songs in the playlist stutter during playback. There doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern for this, aside from it may happen only if it’s in the queue, preceeded by some other track there.

Logs: (79.6 КБ)


Additional information:

The same thing happens with “Play Next” or “Add to Queue”.

Can you provide those 2 songs to try to repro?

Don’t seem like I can share them here. Afaik your account still is in my funkwhale instance so think you can just log in there and look em up.
LVDS & Sonia Elisheva - Tremble
The Electric Swing Circus - Invisible Man (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
Both have been purchased from iTunes, encoded in M4A format.

Ok so can reproduce seems like an odd Android issue, I’ve tested to play those with ffmpeg and the issue is not present so will enable aac support in ffmpeg for the next release it should fix this.

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