Tracks sometimes not audible when beginning playback

Issue description:

Sometimes, when attempting to play a track, I just don’t hear anything from the app unless I try again. The progress bar for the track advances, but there’s no sound until trying again. If the track is allowed to reach the end (silently), then the next track will also be silent.

I think I’ve established while messing around with the app that tracks are not audible if playback has been paused or stopped for at least 3 seconds before trying to play (silent playback counts as playing for this).

In other words, to get a track to play, I have to either tap on the track while something is already playing (which usually means tapping twice to play), tap pause and play within 3 seconds of each other, or press the “previous track” button to return to the start of the track (if it’s not the first track in the album/queue).

This problem occurs consistently and seems to be unrelated to any battery settings.

EDIT: I found that this problem doesn’t occur when “offload mode” is enabled, however, ReplayGain tags also don’t work when that’s enabled.

Logs: (36.0 KB)

Additional information:

Pixel 7 Pro (Android 14), local device, all music files are MP3s.

You have another app that takes the audio focus then set the volume to 0

2023-11-04 13:38:44.697 T:MusicPlayer 
New audio focus: 0

2023-11-04 13:38:44.698 T:VolumeController 
From Renderer: 0

I’dd need full phone dump via like to see what other app do this.

Please send the file by mail and not visible here as it may contain private information.

I see. The app doing it was Wavelet, which has been behaving oddly in other ways recently, so I’ll look into configuring that properly.

You do not need Wavelet with Symfonium everything it does is supported natively in sometimes better ways.