Track not played from artist page

Issue description:

The Artist page says there are 44 songs in total but in reality it’s 45 (DSub correctly recognizes this). The missing single is being shown in the list of albums and can be played but when I play all songs from the artist it’s not part of the queue.
Not sure if that is part of the problem but the track has two artists in the tags. Album artist is only one.


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 I use Navidrome as a server and am running the latest version. 

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Navidrome does not support multiple artists properly for the moment. It’s currently being fixed.

Until then there’s cases where Symfonium does not have access to some data.

That’s good to know thank you.
The single is shown as an Album on the artist page (probably because the Album artist is just one) so it seems there is a problem with Symfonium as well because it doesn’t play the song when queueing up all songs from that artist. And when I play the song and click go to artist it correctly opens the artists page.
Or am I understanding this wrong?

When I start to play all songs from that artist using Navidrome WebUI or DSub I don’t have that that problem

You understand wrong :wink: Check what Symfonium shows as artist and see what happens.

Symfonium have a copy of the database via the limited Subsonic API, the artist tied to songs are associated from the songs during sync. Since only 1 artist is supported at most with Navidrome a song can only be associated with 1 artist at most.

Other apps can directly ask for the list of songs for an ID and Navidrome can return more data in case.

There’s no workaround in Symfonium for servers that does not yet fully embrace OpenSubsonic that I created to solve those kind of issues.

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Oh so the play all is based on the artist and not the album artist even when I open an artists page via album artist? Thanks for explaining it :slight_smile: