Track listens logged twice instead of once

Issue description:

Whenever listening to an album or playlist it seems like sometimes it just logs one track listen as two now.

Logs: (346,8 КБ)


Every distinct track on this list I actually listened to once, not twice.

Additional information:

This issue seems different enough compared to the last one I opened, so here goes.

Also this seems to be happening more when I skip forward after listening to 50% of the track so it still logs the listen.

Seems you have set the value to set played at 50%.

So you mean you reach 50% then press skip forward before the end and it triggers the 2 count ?

Yep, precisely that!

(discourse not letting me send a message below 20 symbols lmao so i have to type something)

Ok so yes there’s a small possible race due to the low 0.5 value you use. And since the new beta have a better handling of multiple playcount report this triggers.

Will be fixed in next release.

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