Track list - Up Next button text jumping around

Issue description:

When scrolling the track list, a pin icon is displayed if the current playing track is not visible. Displaying this icon causes the Up Next button text to be displayed vertically instead of horizontally; it is back to normal when the pin icon dissapears.

This causes an effect on the Up Next text (and the track list) to jump around as I scroll up/down the track list, and it is probably caused by the lack of horizontal space (I’m using a 3.6" screen device).

The major problem is that the button takes extra vertical space from the screen.

My suggestion is to remove the Up Next text from the button and leave the icon when there isn’t enough horizontal space.


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Attaching screenshot when the pin icon is visible (this is when the issue happens) and when it is hidden.

Additional information:

I’m using a device with a 3.6" screen.