Toggle to crop or display full, non square album art in "Now Playing"

Feature description:

Allow the user to switch between displaying non square album artworks (such as covers of DVDs, blurays, box sets etc.) cropped to fill a square (current behaviour) and displaying them at their original aspect ratio in the “Now Playing” tab.

I’d rather see a smaller version of the full artwork instead of a crop, but as I know not everyone shares that preference, a toggle or setting would be a good solution.

Problem solved:

Either a global setting to decide what the user would rather see:

  1. crop/zoom in to fill a square
  2. display original aspect ratio

Or a toggle in the “Now Playing” tab itself to decide on a per cover basis.

Brought benefits:

Properly displaying artworks benefits everyone who took the time to find high quality art for their albums.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Current view:

Mockup (missing the cast icon because I was too lazy to add it back in Photoshop):

@655321 Since I’m lazy too :stuck_out_tongue: do you have a file already tagged with such kind of images?

Tagged? No. I don’t embed images in the tags and rely on Cover.jpg in each album folder + “Front.jpg, Back.jpg, Booklet.jpg” etc. in a “Artwork” subdirectory (which my main music player on PC, MusicBee, scans) instead.

However I can post a few non square covers for you to test with. (5,0 MB)

I’ve included 3 DVD/Bluray covers that have more height than width and 2 regular CD covers which are wider than they are high. It’s pretty common that artwork is not exactly 1:1 in my experience and a pain in the butt to actually find it online as most streaming services etc. forcibly stretch covers to fit the default 1:1 ratio, even if that looks horrible.