Thoughts after using the app for a week

Not sure if some of the following have been covered already but I have noticed a couple of things that in my opinion are missing after using the app for a week or so. I hope it helps and thanks for the app.ybe tap artist/album to

  1. Too few songs queued on playlist shuffle.
    Shuffle playlist (playlist 700+ songs), view queue and only queued 30 songs. Go back to playlist and then have the option to use Queue button and add the entire playlist into the queue. It is a smart playlist (favorite songs) and there is no set item limit.

  2. If I have a queue with 700 songs the app should pick up where I left off in the queue. I currently use Musicolet a lot and it does this. I only need to tap play I’m right where I left off, even after days or rebooting the phone. Doing this I’ll eventually get through the entire playlist.

  3. Add “quick action shortcut” option (long tap on app icon) to continue playing, open to playlists, etc.

  4. I use Emby and the time in the Emby dashboard is incorrect…. It shows something like 6:23:22 / 4:44 and doesn’t always scrobble to

  5. No easy way to get to artist/album from the Now Playing. Maybe tap artist/album to go there. Not having this makes it more difficult to add songs from the currently playing artist to the queue.

  1. The playlist is dynamic all your 700 songs will be played they are just loaded on demand as it can also handle 500 000 song without issues.
  2. There’s many posts here explaining why Symfonium is not just a simple local player and how to resume.
  3. Open a proper feature request with the list
  4. Open a proper issue with logs and details.
  5. You can tap artist / album to go there from now playing already, there’s a 3 dots menu that also have all the necessary shortcuts.
  1. I have not experienced that, play stopped after songs in the queue finished, none were added. This happened a couple of times.
    2, 3, 4 Will do
  2. For me tapping (album art or text) does nothing and the 3 dot menu has no option for navigating to artist/album.

Then open issues with logs and details for both (separate)

Bump @wedgekc thanks.