Theme being applied everywhere

Just wondering…
I change the accent colour to green and go to the page that shows all my albums and pick one and press play. Its playing with green accents, but if I drag the mini player at the bottom up so it shows the ‘main display’, that page is still using your apps default colour scheme. Is that deliberate ?

That screen use a color extracted from the image so I guess your image is red :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ll change that default to not extract the color it does not really render nice I’ll need to rework that better.

Well, some red, not a lot. But I do see how its changed with a black and white album cover.
Up to you. I think I quite like it, it was just coincidence it looked close to your default colour.
If you do change it, maybe at least keep it as an option…
These look good with their matching colours -
More Than This
Clapton Chronicles

I love the way it extracts the colour! It works really well

After playing around with some more albums I agree with you