Text selectable but can not copy it

Issue description:

In the Details page of a song I can select the text, but there is no option copy it.

The version of the app is 10.1.0B2


Upload description: NoLogs

Media provider:





I always need logs, I no more know how to make people understand at this point …

For this specific issue there isn’t much in the logs cause it seems in the debugging mode the user’s actions are not fully tracked, but only the CRUD to the local db and API calls are logged.

Maybe you can add an option for a more verbose debugging logs which logs also every interactions with the UI to be able to reproduce UI bugs.

If you need the device info, it is a S21U Android 14 OneUI 6.0.

Yes I needed the device info with all the details that are logged in the 2 specific lines in the logs to be able to repro if it’s Android or device specific.

I mean the logs are mandatory can’t be more clear. Even if just the info you gave now was enough ( seems it is in this case as I can repro, this is still time lost to ask, repeat by all users and it’s multiple hours lost per week for nothing, not improving the app or doing actual support).

How about a “no-logs” tag which means that the topic will be ignored (and/or locked for anyone but the creator and you) until logs are provided?

That would not really solve the issue, I still need to have the users logs as I want to solve issues when I can.

There’s already messages everywhere, they need to check a box and promise to upload, but still they think this does not apply to them :slight_smile: