Tag ratings not working as user ratings

Issue description:

In the latest beta I lost the ability to use tag ratings as user ratings.

The change log mentions some changes to support half ratings and other tag ratings variations, I suppose that might be related to my issue.

Attaching log and mp3 file.


Upload description: tag ratings log and mp3 file

Additional information:

I tested the same mp3 file in v10.1.0 and it works fine.

Reproduction steps:


  1. Sync from local device (make sure “tag ratings as user ratings” is enabled)
  2. Open the details of a song
  3. The user rating information will be empty

Media provider:

Local device



Your file have multiple rating values the POPM and a Rating field that is usually a 0-100 value and here have 3 so leads to a rating of 0.

I guess I can try to priorize the POPM but you shoud not have different fields representing the same data in different calculation mode.

Cool. I reported the issue because it was working before with the same file, but I can get rid of one of the tags, thanks.