Tag editor for local files

Feature description:

First, I wish to thank you for this wonderful application that I use to access my Plex music library. 5 stars of course.

But I continue to use another music player to listen to my local music because I sometimes need to correct or update some tags. I am using Musicolet, but most of the popular music players, like Black Player or Power Amp allow tag editing too.

It would be really great if tag editing was also possible in Symfonium. Changing the track/album/artist name, changing the genre, changing the cover… I would not need another music player for local content anymore, and Symfonium could be the universal music player in my opinion.

Brought benefits: having only one universal music player for local and distant content

Other application solutions: for instance, the Musicolet tag editor is fine I think

Un très grand merci

Sorry but there’s no plans for that as not all providers support that. (Duplicate)

Users would not understand why in a mixed content from different provider they can edit some stuff and not the rest.

There’s plenty of perfect tools available for tag editing that would do the job a lot better with musicbrainz integration and everything.

If there’s enough demand I can probably offer a small simple dedicated app to edit tags, but this does not fit Symfonium current multi provider approach, where I need to offer some kind of consistency over large features like this.

Ok. Thank you very much for the very fast answer.

I prefer to have a tag editor in my music app than using a dedicated tag editor because when I am listening to a song with a bad tag, I can edit it immediately without having to search for it in another app.

But I understand your point and it does not change the fact that symfonium is great

For the now playing song this is a little different, if I build an optional app. I can totally have an edit option in the 3 dots menu that is only visible when possible.
The bouton would start the app if present with a parameter to directly edit the media.
This would not have performance impacts and would not be that strange to have different behavior depending on the case.
Not the same in a list of songs where the actions are different between two adjacent songs.

That would be great !