Syncing pre-existing playlists fails on Navidrome

Issue description:

I have a Navidrome server that I synced my playlists with. I reinstalled the server and attempted to sync the playlists that were stored on the app to the server. This caused a panic on the server because the playlists did not exist there yet and the app did not recreate them.

I assume the issue is because the app is trying to sync to the server without first checking if the playlists exist there yet. It would be cool to have the app create the playlist on the server if it doesn’t exist yet.


Upload description: shows error

Additional information:

Workaround is to create a new playlist and then copy the contents of the old playlist over.

Reproduction steps:


  1. Install Navidrome
  2. Create a playlist in Symfonium and sync it to the server.
  3. Delete the Navidrome database and restart the server.
  4. Attempt to sync the playlist from the app to the server.

Media provider:




Well this is normal and expected (That it fails, the crash should be fixed by Navidrome).

If you successfully sync from / to Navidrome the playlist have a server ID to ensure integrity. If the ID no more exists on the server then your server have an issue and the sync should fail. There’s no proper automatic recovery here.

Select all the songs in the playlists and create a new playlist to upload if you forget to save your Navidrome database.

Okay, great. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bug. Thanks for your hard work.