Syncing latest Navidrome v0.51 fails after scanning 130k tracks

Issue description:

Dear developer(s),

i have used symfonium before and syncing my navidrome and airsonic servers was never an issue. Now for the latest version of navidrome and symfonium i cannot get a successful full scan anymore.
symfonium tries syncing but crashes at some time and the database gets a reset after maybe scanning 130k tracks.

i did not find any threads describing this very problem so i hope maybe you can tell by interpreting the logs what the problem might be. there are over 3k errors in the log but iam not sure if any of them really causes this kind of “crash” of symfonium.

thank you for your help


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Additional information:

please have a look at the debug log which shows everything from adding the server to the crashing sync

Reproduction steps:

latest navidrome server is running.
add the server into symfonium.
start syncing
the sync progress just gets reset after a few hours? of syncing at ~ 130k tracks

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  1. Do not enable the legacy sync it’s insanely slow for now reason …
  2. Your navidrome faces the DB bug Fix null values by caiocotts · Pull Request #2840 · navidrome/navidrome · GitHub that is still not released you can try to use a snapshot version.

Hello Tolriq thanks a lot for your quick response!

I did enable legacy sync for a reason. If I do not enable it, symfonium skips scanning of tracks entirely and only scans artists and albums. So I thought it was necessary to use legacy sync with navidrome until now.

ah interesting i thought that PR was already merged into v0.51. I will look into that. Thank you!

It’s never needed to enable legacy sync unless using an old deprecated server. It’s mostly here for people to test and motivate to migrate to a better server.

Ah okay, thank you for clarification. So when I disable the legacy mode, not a single track gets scanned. Here is a complete log as the one above in normal mode:

Would you please take a look at that, too?

thank you very much!

I already told you the reason …
Your navidrome instance is bugged you need that patch.