Synchronized Lyrics are not preferred

Issue description:

Ok, I came here from the feature request. Basically, the file contains both synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics. Symfonium then displays the unsychronized lyrics.


Upload description: OcraCore-SyncLyrics

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

This is the file Deleted, MusicBee displays the synchronized lyrics for it.

Media provider:

Local device



The proper one is shown.

Clear tag cache and sync again?

Funny, for me not.

I also cleared the tag cache and synced again. But I still only get the unsynchronized lyrics.

Before creating the logs I also moved the file to a different folder so that symfonium needs to rescan it.

Update to 10.1.5 and try again?

Just updated and now it works - amazing!

You have 3 times the tags and 2 unsynchronized there.

Anyway it works now :slight_smile: