Synchronization problem on WebDAV Server

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The Webdav Server works more or less well, but Regarding the Synchronization of Google Drive files, rclone using termux It’s terrible Horrible The first time it worked well, my Albums appeared with covers and Tags Everything Organized I can Play, Download my albums or tracks separately, everything is fine ok, but regarding file synchronization, there is a problem, for example, I have 600 files in my Google drive. When I click on synchronize, it synchronizes until it stops at 539. This has happened to me, for me to synchronize, I have to force the application to stop and then I have to synchronize everything again, but in terms of reproduction, downloading the albums from Google drive through the rclone webdav server that I use through termux, I can download my albums from the webdav server but in terms of synchronization it is slow, it hangs for example 81, just yesterday I put it to synchronize Everything was synchronizing ok when it arrived at file 81, it didn’t synchronize but it’s all stuck in file 79 for example and it doesn’t synchronize, it doesn’t leave file 79 it doesn’t go to 80 81 82 and so on I would like you to fix this annoying problem, ok thank you
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The logs is nearly empty …

2023-10-29 11:10:51.869 T:WebDav
← [629] HTTP FAILED: Failed to connect to /

I don’t know what you do but it seems your webdav server is running on the phone itself?

That server stops responding so Symfonium can’t access it. Fix that server configuration.


I’m running on Android and Symfonium. Yes, you can synchronize the files on Google Drive using rclone, but the problem is that Synchronization sometimes hangs on Symfonium.

The logs shows that your webdav server hangs not Symfonium …

And if you have the files on Android then just add the local provider no need for webdav …