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I have a question that’s more of an inquiry than a problem. I’m curious about the synchronization process for “Online-first” playlists. My understanding was that each time the app conducts a server sync, it includes a “syncing playlists” step at the end before completion, which I assumed would automatically refresh “online-first” playlists. However, it appears this isn’t the case, these playlists require to be manually opened to initiate syncing, which, although quick, is cumbersome when dealing with over 200 playlists. It’s quite a hassle to manually sync each one. Is this the intended functionality, or is there something I’m overlooking?


Upload description: I’m prepared to provide logs should an issue arise and they become necessary. Currently, my post is intended as an inquiry rather than a report of a problem.

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Online first as the docs says means that’s it’s online first, every time you access the playlist it check if there’s a more recent version on the server.

If your server does not return a proper change date then it syncs.

Provide logs (You should have known :wink: ) to see what your server returns as data for those playlists.

So the app is functioning as intended. It updates the “Online-first” playlists when you open them, but it doesn’t automatically sync them with the main synchronization process. This isn’t an issue generally, but it could be if you’re not connected to the internet.

The playlist are synced during the main sync too, read what I write.

And provide the asked logs ?

If Symfonium detect a change it will sync every time the playlist is accessed and the server is connected, there’s no issue here.

Unless your server returns the proper data and Symfonium fails to parse it, hence the logs.

sam1: Taken during syncing playlists stage of main sync process
Then, I turned off internet and checked “Feeling Sad” playlist, it was not updated, showed 68 tracks, turned on internet, reopened that playlist (log sam2), it got synced.

There’s no sam 1 but a sam-afteropening that does not contain a sync.

The sam2 shows that Emby does not return a created/modified date for the playlists so Symfonium does a sync on read as it can’t know if the server server was modified or not.

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Apologies for the mix-up with the naming.

Logs retaken (in case they’re still required):

Playlist: Joy (14 tracks on Symfonium; 19 on Emby)

Logs:1. joy-aftersync (taken after sync completion)
2. joy-afteropening (taken after opening the playlist)

Ok thanks, there’s indeed a missing parenthesis making the online first not synced, will fix.

But this won’t change Emby missing the change date so it will still sync on each access.

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