Sync takes a long time and uses a lot of power

Issue description:

I have a very large music library. The sync process fetches all items from the server in a couple of minutes, but it continues processing seemingly for hours. During this time, the view for many albums and artists is incomplete and battery usage on my phone is extremely high.

It would be incredible if this process could be optimized. Otherwise, it would be nice to have some controls around it, like the ability to pause or schedule sync.

Interrupted sync (app crash/kill) also appears to lead to duplicate albums.



Additional information:

Don’t know what server this is but you downloaded half of Spotify :stuck_out_tongue:

The issue here is about the playlists, seems you have imported hundreds if not thousands of them and syncing them take ages.

Currently there’s not yet optimized sync of the playlists because most servers do not support the proper values for created / changed for them (Typically the case for your server) so the app can’t skip syncing not updated playlists.

Ah, I see! I control the server - is there any way I can signal playlist changes to the app? I’d be happy to make that change. I can also optimize the playlist endpoint if it would help.

Well you can prepare the server to properly return created / changed values for the playlists endpoints.

But until then and support in Symfonium import less playlists :slight_smile:

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