Sync Recent Albums


Is there an option to sync recently added albums? If not i would like to request this please.


It’s automatic you lack a lot of details here.

Sorry i do not understand your reply are you saying this is already possible to have recently added music synced offline? Please explain how to do this to a noob.


Well you as said you lack a lot of details and typically never mentioned offline in your post :slight_smile:

With that said you can create an album smart playlist with filter date added less than 1 week for example and enable auto offline cache on it.

Thanks thats really kool did not know you can do that this is very helpful.
Last question can smart playlists be synced back to the server?

Love the app keep up the good work.

Well once again lack of details as you do mention what server :wink:

But no playlist can with most servers, not smart playlists.

Sorry navidrome server is what i am using and app is on Samsung phone.