Sync problem about cover

When I change cover in emby for an album already in emby and Symfonium. the cover in emby is changed succee, and then I sync in Symfonium, the cover in Symfonium no change also old one.I guess maybe there is info about this album so Symfonium will no sync this album?

Please use the support category and provide the necessary logs.

If Emby does not change the ID of the image then local image cache can be still used yes, you can clear local cache in library settings.

Thanks, I clear local cache and it work. BTW I make some adjustment and give some commits in weblate about what function the item is because I can’t know how to translate them. But now I get new version from google play and I want to finish up chinese translation, I find out I can’t edit them. I don’t know why.

If you were not the author of the strings you can’t change them you can propose modifications that I can accept.

But I adjust that some days ago.

Then you are not logged, without details like error message or screenshot I can’t guess what is happening on your screen :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, my fault. I find out. I don’t login. And I want to know where is “personal mix”(key is mix.personal)?

I want to know where is “personal mix”(key is mix.personal)?

It’s not yet in prod, it will be near the play / queue buttons in the details views. It’s the same concept as the song … mix other buttons but contextual.

Ok, I complete translation about chinese, thanks.