Sync playlist button blank after clicking on it

Issue description:

Hello, when i go to my playlist(provider box) which is permanent offline cached and press on the 3 dots menu on the playlist cover art and click on sync. It displays a blank dialog box with just a cancel button.


Upload description: playlist sync blank button, log name “SF-SYNC-debug.log”

Additional information:

do let me know if you need specific logs apart from the one that i have uploaded

Reproduction steps:

1.) Open manage media provider and sync the box provider
2.) Go to my playlist and press 3 dots and then ‘sync’



Media provider:




How did you create that playlist ?

If I remember correctly, I tapped the 3 dots on a song then add to playlist, then new playlist, gave a name and done. Rest of the songs I used multi select and added to the playlist

Ok so the button should not be there as nothing to sync.

Will fix

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