Sync issues with Emby 4.8.1

Issue description:

Since the automatic update to version 4.8.1 on my server, Symfonium has stopped synchronizing the album art for newly added albums (it appears that it attempts to, each time Sym is opened and does not receive from server side), although the artwork for existing albums remains synced. The synchronization process has become significantly slower, often stuck on ‘Preparing Sync’ for an extended period. I have previously submitted several logs that were uploaded automatically. Additionally, I have, now, uploaded three logs: one at the beginning of the sync, another during the process, and the last one upon completion of the sync.


Upload description: noartworkemby481-1

Some previous:

  1. preparing-sync-taking-longer
  2. preparing-sync-taking-longer-2
  3. preparing-sync-taking-longer-3

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Which albums are missing art? I can’t guess things you know.

For the slow sync, your server timeouts for quite a few queries at the start.

All newly added albums to server, their artworks do not sync with Symfonium. Before writing this issue, I added one new album to the server and started syncing with logs. This is how it appeared.

You do know that I’m not a magician and so can’t know what the newly albums are right ? :slight_smile:

And none of those logs shows you trying to display that image so I can’t know.

Provide a single logs containing a single sync and opening the album and giving the actual album name.

I’m sorry if my previous explanation was not specific enough. What I meant to say is that the albums I’m referring to are those that were added to the server following its update to version 4.8.1. There are 39 albums (added after server got upgrade) for which the cover art is not synchronizing. The album titled “Aisha” is the most recent one I’ve uploaded.

Could you please verify the correct procedure for log collection? Firstly, activate the debug mode, then proceed to initiate a sync by pressing the Sync button. Once the synchronization is finished, open any one of the affected albums, navigate to the advanced settings, and opt to ‘share logs with support’.

Your explanation are ok but what you miss in the names of the albums so I can find them in the logs.

I can’t just read 50MB of logs extract all your albums data, try to find the last by date added then guess it would take days.

And the procedure is that yes, just need to have the necessary info to match in the logs.

Using the same procedure, the log file named “emby-sadqay” was submitted for the album “Sadqay - Single.” Additionally, the log file “emby-cokestudio” was sent for the album “Coke Studio Season 10 - Episode 3 - EP”

Please feel free to inform if any details are still lacking.

I should have mentioned earlier that although the album artwork doesn’t sync, the album art for each individual song appears while it’s playing. It’s only the album cover itself that doesn’t display on album screen.

Yes better logs with necessary info, will be fixed in next release.


@Tolriq The 10.0.0 release flexed its coding muscles and solved the slow sync issue. It’s just as fast as it used to be. Impressive! Thank you once more.