Sync interruption wipes liked albums and artists

Issue description:

  • I was performing a sync with my funkwhale server when I lost my internet connection, and as a consequence it deleted all info about music that it had related to this provider locally except playlists and downloads. It’s not the first time that happens to me so decided to post it here.

Logs: (1.9 МБ)


Additional information:

As of right now funkwhale does not support album and artist favorites on their side, could be related

There’s no errors or anything on this logs, are you sure you don’t just have a filter that hide not connected providers? (Filter icon is enabled on your screenshot)

Nope, because after running the sync again it all pops back again, except that the data related to album and artist favorites is gone

Then I need logs that shows when this is happening.

Think I managed to replicate the issue by just turning off the wifi upon performing a sync (18.3 КБ)

No sync in that log. (156.6 КБ)
what about now

Hum ok can see it. Seems there’s still a race somewhere :frowning:

At what moment do you disable the wifi? Before it even start?

I pressed the sync button, waited for a little bit and then offed the wifi. Seems like it doesn’t matter when I turn it off specifically, just that until the sync is done

Ok so in fact the fix made for Yatse has disappeared from Symfonium, will add it again. Don’t know what I mixed up.