'Sync' button text is not visible in global filter

Issue description:

Hello, i have google drive as the cloud media provider. When i go to global filter option, the ‘sync’ text is not visible inside the button just a blank rounded button is displayed. I don’t know if this is a bug or due to me naming the media provider a long name. The blank button works and syncs but only the text isn’t visible.


Upload description: sync button text not visible debug log, log name “armourarsenal-debug-gdrivesync.log”

Additional information:

Symfonium Version: 9.0.0 B1
Android Version: 12

Reproduction steps:

1.) Open symfonium and add google drive as media provider
2.) Go to global filter icon
3.) ‘Sync’ text not visible inside button

Media provider:

Any provider




This is dues to the long text will fix.

If both FLAC things are on the same google account you need to add multiple directory in one provider not add multiple providers it’s a loot more efficient.

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