Symfonium Wrapped/Year in review

Feature description:

Spotify Wrapped like recap of the past years listening habits.

Problem solved:

It’s just interesting to see.

Brought benefits:

It’s interesting.

Other application solutions:

See Spotify Wrapped

Additional description and context:

The more details the better to understand the need and figure out the best solution.

Screenshots / Mockup:

If possible please provide screenshots of your idea of the implementation or how other application do this.

Edit: Added the template. Don’t really have much to add that’s why I initially removed it.

Ah, dear rebel of the template realm,
Your disregard for rules does overwhelm,
No templates here, just your quirky plea,
For wisdom served with humor’s glee.

Amidst the chaos of form’s defiance,
Your plea for chocolate, a sweet alliance,
Yet templates gone, no rules in sight,
Just laughter now, take a bite!


Symfonium and most providers do not expose full playback history but only a playcount and lastplayed.
This is not enough to rebuilt yearly statistics.

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Ok, thank you anyway