Symfonium voice search in Android Auto

I can’t get voice search to work for Symfonium when using Android Auto (or Google Assistent in general). Maybe I am missing something.

Here are some examples of what I tried. I use the google voice search button in the bottom right corner of android auto (or I say ‘hey google’):

Then I say…

  • “open symfonium”
    → Android Auto opens symfonium - OK, nice
  • “play artist metallica on symfonium”
    → Google answers ‘Here is Metallica and San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra on Youtube’
  • “play artist rage against the machine with symfonium”
    → a Rage against the machine playlist ist played from Youtube music

I could go on and on, it always opens Youtube Music. The only positiv reaction I ever get is when I say ‘open symfonium’, the app is opened and that’s it.

I also have poweramp installed and when I say…

  • “play artist metallica from poweramp”
    → Google answers ‘OK, i am trying to play metallica from poweramp’
    A second later the correct music is played from poweramp.

Is symfonium meant to work with Google Assistant? Is there another way of using voice search within the app? What am I missing? Voice search is really useful when being in the car.

Maybe someone can give me a clue.

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It’s supposed to work everything is there, it works for some seems to depend on countries it’s all on Google hand I have not understood what might be missing except maybe to be more known by Google as I do not have the same amount of downloads as poweramp :frowning:

Ah OK, thank you. I live in Germany, maybe I just have to wait, keeping fingers crossed!

I had the same issue with YouTube Music hijacking music requests, and funnily enough I’d also get “Metallica and San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra” instead of the actual albums I wanted to listen to and uploaded to my account back when it was Google Music, even with a subscription… Which is exactly why I cancelled it.

Anyways finally found a solution today, I just had to go into my assistant settings and change music services from YouTube Music to No default provider. Now it launches Symfonium whenever I ask Google Assistant to play/listen to anything, even without specifying the app (probably uses the most recently used music app now?).

Also thanks for creating this app, definitely worth the price! Works better than plexamp for me so far and is by far the best replacement for Google play music I’ve found.

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That’s great news, thanks Eric! I tried that before but after disabling the default player I did not manually play anything with symfonium, so it kept opening Youtube Music since that was the last used music player.