Symfonium voice search in Android Auto

I can’t get voice search to work for Symfonium when using Android Auto (or Google Assistent in general). Maybe I am missing something.

Here are some examples of what I tried. I use the google voice search button in the bottom right corner of android auto (or I say ‘hey google’):

Then I say…

  • “open symfonium”
    → Android Auto opens symfonium - OK, nice
  • “play artist metallica on symfonium”
    → Google answers ‘Here is Metallica and San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra on Youtube’
  • “play artist rage against the machine with symfonium”
    → a Rage against the machine playlist ist played from Youtube music

I could go on and on, it always opens Youtube Music. The only positiv reaction I ever get is when I say ‘open symfonium’, the app is opened and that’s it.

I also have poweramp installed and when I say…

  • “play artist metallica from poweramp”
    → Google answers ‘OK, i am trying to play metallica from poweramp’
    A second later the correct music is played from poweramp.

Is symfonium meant to work with Google Assistant? Is there another way of using voice search within the app? What am I missing? Voice search is really useful when being in the car.

Maybe someone can give me a clue.

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It’s supposed to work everything is there, it works for some seems to depend on countries it’s all on Google hand I have not understood what might be missing except maybe to be more known by Google as I do not have the same amount of downloads as poweramp :frowning:

Ah OK, thank you. I live in Germany, maybe I just have to wait, keeping fingers crossed!