Symfonium not transcoding when connected to AAWireless

Issue description:

Symfonium is eating through my data at a very fast pace.

I car commute in a 2015 Mazda3 and use Android Auto. I connect to Android Auto wirelessly by using a AAWireless ( The AAWireless creates a Wi-Fi network that my phone connects to communicate wireless Android Auto data and audio. In Android Auto I use Symfonium to listen to music during my commute.

My thoughts are that since my phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network (AAWireless) Symfonium thinks that transcoding is not needed and downloads the full .flac instead of the .ogg in my transcoding configuration in Navidrome. Reality is that my phone is still using mobile data to access the internet and my files so my data is being chewed through at an accelerated rate.

I’m suspect this may be an issue with other wireless Android Auto users.

Logs: (19.8 KB)


Additional information:

Posting this in the forum after our email exchange as requested.

Thanks for the repost, there was no need to write again the whole details :slight_smile:

Anyway for the others, next version soon to be released when Google validate have an option to transcode on Wifi to workaround this.

I’ll try to send you a test APK in a couple of days with more log to see why Android report the wrong active data path.

Didn’t want to offend by not following the template :wink:

Ok so this is a little complicated.

The Wifi network is a normal wifi network and not a wifi direct one as I thought.

This causes issues to properly know what to do automatically because Android blocks more and more low level network stuff and I can’t know the route to reach your server. While I can identify if the Wifi network have Internet access this does not mean that connection to the server would not work via the Wifi connection (At home on LAN Wifi with Internet down for example).

Getting SSID now also requires insane permissions.

I do not have satisfactory solutions here :frowning: I guess the transcoding setting on Wifi can workaround this well enough.

Appreciate you looking into the issue.

Transcoding on all Wifi is not a great solution, hope another solution presents itself in time.

Could the SSID permissions be optional perhaps or does this universally cause you grief with the Play Store?

The permission is intrusive so I do not want to add it.

I’ve added a new API end point in next release so that external apps can change the transcoding values on wifi.

You can use tasker or similar kind of apps to change the transcoding value depending on the wifi network you are connected to.

Thank you for adding to the api for this issue.

Do you mind letting me know what I’ve missed when punching this into Tasker?

Am I intended to punch in the receiver component name somewhere “”?

I’ve read through some pages on JoaoaApps as well read the userguide for Intents but still am not getting it.

Yes you need to put the part before the / in the package and the part after in class.