Symfonium not receiving updated online playlist

Issue description:

The new online playlists doesn’t seem to get automatically updated with songs added from another client.

  1. Add song to playlist on another client.
  2. Open playlist in symfonium.
  3. The playlist haven’t updated

If you then go on to add new songs in symfonium, it will overwrite songs added from the previous client

Logs: (22.2 KB)

Skip sync check as too recent

You are in testing period and refresh too much, what are you exactly doing ?

Im not sure what you mean. I did exactly what I described in steps to reproduce.

As I explained there’s some throttling to avoid endless repetitive syncs.

In the logs each of your access to a playlist was to a playlist that was very recently already synced.

Sure, that makes sense. It’s not really a huge problem but its entirely possible that I would add a song to a playlist on another client and the playlist on symfonium will remain outdated when I add a song on my phone, overwriting my previous changes. Why not also automatically sync once right before a new song is added? To prevent any songs from being overwritten.

It does or should but with throttling would make no sense to do a large playlist sync each time you add a song if you add 10 in a row.

I’ll need to figure something.

Well not much solutions, I’ve removed the throttling on song add for beta 3. Let’s hope people do not tons of edit on very large playlists.

Im just curious about what you consider to be a very large playlist?

It depends on library size, sdcard perf, phone perf and the source provider perf.

But any playlist that takes more than a couple of seconds to sync would be a pain to reorder or often add songs to it.

Do you know if sync time is proportional to how many songs are in the playlist?

Well obviously since we are talking about playlist size here :wink: