Symfonium / Navidrome - sync give empty library

Issue description:

"I have Navidrome 0.51 (installed from AUR on Arch Linux) and Symfonium 9.0 (Android 14). Everything was great for the past two years. However, yesterday I synced my new albums from my server and all the library content on Symfonium disappeared.

On the web frontend in Navidrome, everything appears to be okay. I even tried reinstalling Symfonium, but encountered the same issue.

When I press the sync button, I can see sync progress info: “Artists 928, Albums 1653, Songs 54321”.

Additionally, when I navigate to Library > Files > Subsonic > Music Library, I can see my folders and files on the server. However, Symfonium’s library remains empty."


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Update to Navidrome 0.51.1 and do not enable the option Compatibility mode when using Navidrome.

Thanks a lot, it really works! It took me some time to prepare my own package of Navidrome-0.51.1, because official is out of date. But after that, and not enabling the Compatibility option in Symfonium, magic happens. I have my music library available.

I try to avoid paid apps, but Symfonium is worth it. Great support.