Symfonium losing its mind, err, queue when paused

Issue description:

When I pause playback and then turn on my phone and do “stuff” the queue is cleared and Symfonium shows “nothing is playing”.

I most often observe this when I’m hiking. My habit is to listen to music while walking, but to pause it whenever I want to stop and take a picture, or respond to a text message. Starting a week or so ago I note that almost every time I do this, when I want to start playing music again, the queue is empty (i.e. I hit play and nothing happens). I have to turn on the phone, open Symfonium, scroll down to “continue album listening”, and hit play on that.

This is annoying and disruptive if I’m listening to an album. It’s additionally frustrating if I was listening to a queue of tracks selected from multiple different albums, since that isn’t recoverable via “continue album listening”.

I first noticed this after getting a new pair of headphones, Shokz OpenRun Pro, which I use with a custom EQ profile. That may be related, it may be coincidence. I think that I’ve observed it with my other headphones, but I’m not sure (I haven’t taken them hiking, and have been busy living life).


Here’s a log that captures this happening. I have no idea where in there the actual event occurred (because the phone was in my pocket at the time). (9.6 KB)

I’m hoping the problem will be obvious from the above. If it’s not let me know and I’ll try to come up with a more focused repro. Obviously “thing that happens when the phone is in my pocket” isn’t a trivial repro,…

You have disabled the option Playback state saving so now it’s not saved when the OS kills the app…

Enable back the option and the state will be saved :wink:

Hahahaha! Well, that’s an easy fix.

The option is right under “Equalizer . DSP”, so I probably fumble-fingered it once while setting up the EQ for my new headset. This brings up the question of why that’s even an option. What’s the use case for having that setting off? I can’t imagine it’s something that anyone would actually want, given how random the manifestation is.

It was added after the start of the app and started as experimental.

It will eventually be removed one day, but it still use more battery and storage to save the cache.