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Symfonium is 100% user driven, but as written in many places, nothing can be done from a Play Store comment.
There is not enough information, no way to contact you back, and most of the time you are not even notified of answers there (not even talking about the 350 characters limit).
It is also important to note that not all requests can be accepted, as they must be maintainable and useful to the majority of users without any negative consequences.

Play Store comments now receive a link to this thread.

Side notes:

  • A bad rating (3 stars included) never solves issues nor leads to the implementation of features nor provides a refund. Contacting the developer ensures all of that and more. (It works like that for most applications.)
  • Saying “X does not work” alone does not help as nothing can be done without knowing proper details. All advertised features work for the vast majority of the users (including many beta testers). The list of currently known issues is visible on this forum. Most of the time there are nearly none, because real issues get fixed quickly once I get notified about them properly.
  • Saying “The app does not do Y” is also not helpful. For once, Y is probably not advertised as being supported, so you are actually asking for something new (and there is no reason to give a bad rating for absent features that are not even advertised). And most important: just saying “Y” is most of the time not precise enough to implement a feature in a way that would fit your need. There is no better way to have an app that fits your needs than contacting the developer and precisely explaining your need in a nice manner.

If you have any issue with Symfonium please look in the FAQ or the Wiki, because very often the answer will be there. See below for direct links for the most common issues.

If you still have an issue, open an new thread in the support section of this forum and be sure to follow the template and add the mandatory logs. The application is now mature and well tested. Your issue is specific to your setup and requires some information to be properly analysed. Remember that the application supports dozens of media providers and a vast range of Android devices.

If you miss a feature and want to make a feature request, go to the Feature requests section of this forum and open a new one or comment on an existing one. Filling the template ensures that you properly explain your need instead of implying a solution you think would fit. I have a lot of experience in developing solutions. So trust me with your requirements, and I will propose solutions that fit your needs while having the greater goal of Symfonium in mind.

Chat support has been enabled on this forum to allow quick questions or discussions that do not warrant a full thread. For proper support you still need to follow the normal support category, same for feature requests.

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