Symfonium doesn't stop with the playback

Issue description:

Hi, congratulations on this great app. After Yatse, another must-have application for me. I especially like the UI. But now to my problem.

I use Symfonium in conjunction with Jellyfin to send music via UPnP to my Denon x2800X AVR. This works great, but when I stop playback, I encounter a problem. The playback does not stop. I’ve noticed this behavior on my Chromebook running Chrome OS as well as on my Pixel 8 running Android.

I’ve tried some options, but I can’t seem to stop this behavior. What am I doing wrong? And is there a way to close the background service when exiting the app?

Symfonium Version: Latest Beta.


Upload description: ThreeM

Additional information:

Version: 9.0.0 (12584)

Reproduction steps:


  1. Start playback via Symfonium and listen to my music/playlists.

  2. I stop playback via Symfonium by pressing Stop in the app and also close the app.

  3. I turn off the AVR or switch to the TV.

  4. Symfonium turns the receiver back on or switches the input back to UPnP music and resumes playback. Even if I close the app again or stop playback in the app.

  5. I open the task manager in Chrome OS and end the Symfonium service. This then completely stops the playback. The same behavior also occurs on Android, where I then close Symfonium via the settings menu.

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You need to stop casting in the cast menu.

On some device the OS can wake up Symfonium that will then check the renderer status, and some UPnP device wrongly restart when just reading their state.

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