Symfonium configurable interface

Nearly everything in Symfonium is configurable from the settings. (The options are spread in the Interface, Library and Playback part of the settings).

See below for a small extract of the possibilities.
If you need more options, styles or anything just head to the feature request part of the forum and express it. (Feature requests - Symfonium support)


All colors are part of the themes, Symfonium provides a few default one, including Material You (adapt to your phone wallpaper on Android 12+) and custom ones that you can build and share with others.

See [Wiki] Symfonium custom themes for details on custom themes

Home tab


  1. You can change the top icon. (Or remove it)
  2. You can select the top shortcuts, their style and column count. (Or remove them)
  3. You can select the overview rows and their order. (Or remove them)

Library tab


  1. You can configure the library shortcuts, their order and the number of columns

Bottom tabs


  1. You can select and order the bottom tab shortcuts

Now playing


  1. You can configure different now playing style. (More to come make your requests on the forum)
  2. You can enable or not dynamic colors from the artwork in now playing.

Media lists


  1. You can select different styles for all the lists and select the number of columns.
  2. You can show or hide the top button row.