Symfonium APP additional playlist management features


Would be great if you could add some additional features into the available API, to manage playlists.

  1. Ask Sym to add trackX to current playing playlist
  2. Be able to query Sym for the current playing track

Then it would be possible to build “bridge” plugins that reach out to various music recommendation services and use that to ask Sym to queue a track.


Next version will have a queue option to the play api.

For the current playing Symfonium publish everything as media session that can be accessed from apps like tasker to have everything.


Hi Tolriq, hope you are doing well. I’ve been playing around with the API and its working great, thank you so much for that. I’m stuck on how to access Symf Media session though to pick up the current playing track, is there any test code you could share at all on how to get this?

I was looking at a simple Android app that injects into Symf’s queue, unless there is a better way you recommend?

Thanks in advance

I would use Tasker :slight_smile:

But if you want to go Android app then GitHub - googlesamples/android-media-controller shows how to detect media sessions and interact with them.

Thanks I had a look at the metadata, with Rocket Player it shows the media_id with the track filepath which is perfect but with Sym it just shows current_playlist/0 any ideas?

This is an internal Id with no real meaning. The other fields have the media info.

Hi, sorry another question :slight_smile:

Trying to add a track to the queue but I can’t seem to get the encoding right, is there anything specific I need to do? Various examples below, I tired matching what was in debug.log but that didn’t work either;

            String my_track = "file:///%2Fstorage%2F9C33-6BBD%2FMusic%2FVarious%20Artists%2FBest%20of%202017%2F61%20-%20Best%20of%202017%20(Danny%20Serrano%20Mixtape)%20-%20Danny%20Serrano.mp3";
            String my2_track = "file:////storage//9C33-6BBD//Music//Placebo//(2015) Placebo - MTV Unplugged//07 - Meds.mp3";
            String my3_track = "/storage/9C33-6BBD/Music/Placebo/(2015) Placebo - MTV Unplugged/07 - Meds.mp3";

private void AddtoQueue(String track) {
    Intent i = new Intent();
    i.setComponent(new ComponentName("", "app.symfonium.remote.api.ApiReceiver"));
    i.putExtra("MEDIA_TYPE", "song");
    i.putExtra("NAME", track);
    i.putExtra("QUEUE", 2);

I tried a song with no special encoding and I just get this in the debug log (same error msg obvious track name varies);

2022-09-03 22:32:13.991 Verbose/QueryBuilder: Query: SELECT songs._id,songs.updated_at,songs.provider_id,songs.external_id,songs.external_data,songs.album_id,songs.date_added,songs.disc,songs.display_artist,songs.duration,songs.fanart,songs.file,songs.genres,songs.last_played,songs.lyrics,songs.offline_status,songs.play_count,songs.rating,songs.sort_title,songs.thumbnail,songs.title,songs.track,songs.year,songs.user_rating,songs.is_favorite,songs.source_library,songs.remote_play,songs.resume_point,CASE WHEN songs.thumbnail IS NULL THEN albums.thumbnail ELSE songs.thumbnail END,albums.title FROM songs LEFT JOIN albums ON (songs.album_id=albums._id) WHERE (songs.title LIKE ?) (‘/storage/9C33-6BBD/Music/Yuna/Yuna/05 - Planes.mp3’) [0 in 41.43ms]
2022-09-03 22:32:13.994 Verbose/ApiReceiver: Song not found: /storage/9C33-6BBD/Music/Yuna/Yuna/05 - Planes.mp3


As the doc and log says you need to pass the title of the media not the file name.

EDIT: Next release will have a FILE parameter that take the file as your my3_track format.

Thanks Tolriq, passing the title did work (e.g. Winter Wonderland) but ended up loading 8x different renditions into the queue :rofl: