Switching Replay Gain option feels no difference

Issue description:

When I play a song with Navidrome web player, I can feel the difference between “disabled” and “track” mode. However, switching the mode while playing the song with Symfonium, I cannot feel the difference. What I did wrong?


debug-20231118_154223.zip (7.3 KB)
debug-20231118_155140.zip (11.9 KB)

Additional information:

song.zip (11.3 MB)

Symfonium only change replay gain at song start to avoid sound issues during change specially when gaplles, it’s done in a proper way to ensure no frame at wrong volume and not by changing the device volume or other half solutions some may use.

As you told, now I feel the difference after fully stop the song, toggle the option, and re-play the song. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: