Switching Radio stations with "Next" (and/or "Previous") like with songs in a queue

Feature description:

First of all, thanks for a great product like this! I don’t purchase many apps for my phone as I am usually fine with free and open source alternatives, in fact the last purchase was years ago… But this one was a no brainer for me with my own Navidrome setup.
Keep up the good work!

At first I thought about posting a solution for the use case that I have, but it would be better to explain what I need and let the exact solution be determined by the expert (developer :slight_smile: ).

However, since this section says “describe your feature”, my first thought was:

An easier alternative (and then some extra’s to strengthen it) is maybe:

  • Core feature: Add a “Tune in” or “Play all stations” or just simply “Play all” button in the Radio Stations list, which would queue all of the stations up.
  • Extra: When holding the app icon there’s shortcuts for Song mix, Album mix and Queues (these are also visible when using automation on Samsung routines). Add Tuner/Station mix (or whatever is more logical to use, since we already have Radio mix as a function) to this list (perhaps optional through a setting), so the radio mix can start automatically when I connect to the car’s bluetooth.
  • Extra: Whe hitting Play All, it would queue in the order that you defined
  • Extra: Allow shuffle etc…
  • Extra: Add Tuner/Station Mix as an option for the Notification/Media session buttons
  • Extra: Also allow creating a shortcut to this function to the desktop.

I would greatly appreciate having this function and am willing to donate a coffee when I can use it :slight_smile:

Problem solved:

I have a set of configured radio stations, which are in my Navidrome server and are imported in Symfonium. When I started one radio station, I would like to be able to switch through my radio station list, but am currently stuck to only the one radio station that I selected until I manually select another. I don’t have Android auto and that would also still require checking a screen instead of pushing “Next”.

Brought benefits:

I listen to radio mostly when driving and my car has a button to trigger “Next”. Right now it would require me to unlock the phone and choose another radio station, but with this function I could both automate a radio mix when connecting to the car’s bluetooth AND navigate radio stations easily without ever touching the phone.

Of course this would also apply to regular usage on the phone (hitting next for next station) and bluetooth headphones when working (tap the headset for next station).

Other application solutions:

VLC on Android can queue radio stations for example, however I want Symfonium to be my go to for all my music needs and get rid of VLC

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


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Well this is a duplicate Previous or following Internet radio using relative buttons :slight_smile:

But since there’s more text let’s keep this one.

And the main issue as discussed a few time is that internet radio as way less stables than normal media playback and any hiccup would trigger a channel change.

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Ah I couldn’t find that one because I had searched for “radio playlist”.

I understand it might be less stable than a regular song that is streaming. An option is perhaps to cache like 5 seconds by default and make that configurable, and in addition: place this function as an experimental/beta function or give a proper warning that it might trigger channel change when connection is unstable.

Even with that in consideration, this would still help me a lot. I could just push Previous to get back to the channel I was on in such case, if even the caching didn’t help